What’s the Golden Nugget in the Network Marketing Industry?

Upon entering this industry, many people that have previously failed usually tell other people or there friends about there time spent with there home base business, and they’ll usually tell a person that’s trying to liberate themselves from debt and poverty that, the home base business is a scam all in it’s self and you wont make nothing from it, because every business in that industry, is a pyramid scheme.Now before i get any further in this article, honestly, ask you’re self, what is a pyramid scheme? If you’re just here talking about it and you have never truly been through every business, then how can you say every home base business is a pyramid scheme? As preposterous as that remark is, that person that’s failed has one good point, and that’s that there, are some pyramid schemes out in the home base business industry. And this can just discourage a person from joining a business, and making a name for them selves. There’s scams but that’s like saying everyone in the world is a good person, NO! there are some good people on this planet, but there are also some bad people as well. So when you enter make sure to not go jumping from business to business to see if you can get better results because you won’t when you’re not understanding how to market.If you’ve in the industry and you’re struggling right now as we speak, then you’re probably trying to figure what is the golden nugget? as in how do people make money on here. It’s learning process that can be mastered by a person that want’s to master it, to be truthfully honest with you, there is no golden nugget. I don’t have simple clue about what a golden nugget is. It’s just a term that people use to describe the secret that the millionaires in this industry, are not telling you. Well *NEWS FLASH* there’s plenty of ways for people to make money on the internet. The only thing yo have to do is have the will to comprehend it.The millionaires in this industry had to go through that learning curve as well, and once they mastered it they passed it on to people that are struggling in this industry. Remember you have to some that you’re in this industry for, if your just here for the money you won’t get any where you have to have a cause, and strategy on how to get where you need to be.